We are the Crow family,

and our home is nestled in a place of unrivaled beauty. Upon retiring, we embarked on a new chapter of our lives, unaware of the adventures that awaited us. In November 2019, we acquired this awe-inspiring property adorned with rolling hills, tranquil ponds, and breathtaking mountain views. With great excitement, we contemplated how best to utilize the land. Originally established in 1956 as a cherished nine-hole golf course, this land holds countless memories for the community that has embraced it for nearly seven decades. As we dedicated ourselves to rejuvenating the property, enhancing it with a new pond, and transforming the golf course into a bountiful farm, a dear family friend proposed the idea of hosting a fall festival. Our hearts danced with joy, as we realized how deeply cherished our own family memories were, forged during similar gatherings. A world of possibilities beckoned, and fate gracefully guided us toward the mentors who would help us bring our wildest dreams to life. In October 2021, we proudly unveiled a soft opening of our farm, offering enchanting attractions such as hay rides, corn mazes, jump pillows, a cow train, pipe slides, tricycles, corn hole, a duck race, and a delightful nine-hole mini golf course. We extend a warm invitation to join us this fall and partake in the launch of a new tradition at Skitts Mountain Farms. We firmly believe that the most exceptional families are nurtured through shared smiles, laughter, and cherished moments. We sincerely hope that your visit will leave you with indelible experiences and treasured memories that will last a lifetime.